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September 12, 2017 / Games
September 10, 2017 / Games

There’s nothing I loathe more than Early Access games. The entire system is a plague on Game Development; an excuse for Developers to release unfinished (sometimes barely begun) games with a price tag and the promise of more to come. Whilst there are definitely success stories that flaunt the positive side to Early Access, it seems the majority are doomed to languish in the depths of the Steam store and never reach a complete state. It is the virtual equivalent of Highwaymen. Stand and deliver, your money and your life. That being said, occasionally a game comes along and defies expectations. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one such game.

April 13, 2017 / LGBTQ+
March 30, 2017 / Real Life
March 22, 2017 / Blogging
March 16, 2017 / LGBTQ+

Last week I had the opportunity to sit in on one of Cara-friend‘s ShoutOut anti-bullying workshops. The workshop aimed at young people of secondary school age, and aims to educate them on what it is like to grow up as a LGBT teen in Northern Ireland and how their words and actions can have an effect on LGBT youth. The workshop’s emphasis on tackling ignorance through education and it’s honest, frank approach to talking about some sensitive and difficult topics was refreshing to see; and the overarching attempt to provoke empathy from a bunch of high school kids was (in my view) somewhat of a success, though it was not without its difficulties.

March 6, 2017 / Real Life

Is there anything as exciting, inspiring and intimidating as the first page of a brand new notebook? Despite my fierce love for, and dependency on gadgets and technology, when it comes to writing I’m a lot more old fashioned. Anything that makes it onto my blog (and many more that do not) is first written on paper. Sure, it makes the process longer (I can type a lot faster than I write), but there’s something romantic about being able to flick through a book full of ideas, opinions and stories that is impossible to replicate sifting through the archives of a blog.

February 18, 2017 / News

I haven’t decided who I’m voting for yet in the upcoming general election. I’m trying to see through the typical election bullshit of empty promises and mudslinging to see which party really represents the county I want Northern Ireland to be. The only thing I have decided, is who I’m not voting for.

February 9, 2017 / Real Life

Since we’ve been back in Northern Ireland, Robin and I have been checking out the nightlife one bar at a time to get a sense of what’s big on the North Coast right now (cocktails are huge, unfortunately, good cocktails are not). Not being totally sure whether we want to hop back into the bar scene or try something else for a change, we’ve been keeping our options open.

February 1, 2017 / Reviews

Every time I’m flying, I kill time in the departure lounge by finding the bookshop and buying one book. My choice this time was Ready Player One, a novel from 2011 by Ernest Cline. While I wouldn’t describe myself as being a big Science Fiction fan, I gleaned from the blurb and reviews on the back that two of my favourite things played a big role in the story; video games and 80’s pop culture, that was enough to peak my interest and risk the purchase.